Burn-Off Ovens Technical Information

Burn-Off Oven - Top Down Heating
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Top Down Heating.

Top Down Heating - This patented technology (U.S. Patent 5,351,632) has literally turned burn-off oven design upside down by introducing the heat into the top of the oven and removing cooler gases and combustible vapor from the bottom. The advantages of Top Down Heating are more uniform temperatures, control of hottest spot in the oven to prevent part damage and increased efficiency. It makes the process easier to control, lowers particulate emissions, allows ash pans in the bottom of carts, and cart wheels last much longer.

Rate-of-Change Control - This patented system allows Steelman heat-cleaning ovens to process large amounts of material quickly without a fire hazard. It actually measures vapor production inside the oven and controls it at a safe level.

High-Fire Afterburners - The Steelman afterburner gets to temperature quickly and maintains 1,500oF to 1,800oF for more than 1/2 second to meet current and future air quality standards. All Steelman ovens have an afterburner temperature indicator.

Automatic Process Control - This patented, advanced control package (U.S. Patent 5,189,963) is designed to make oven operation totally automatic without operator input. This eliminates the chance of operator error. This package includes Automatic Cycle Timer, Three Level Safety System and a Cool-Down Circuit.

  • Automatic Cycle Time - This system can tell when the process is over so the oven runs no longer than necessary to do the job, and won't shut off prematurely. It automatically adjusts to the load.
  • Three Level Safety System - Primary water sprays control the process. If they fail, 20 seconds later the backup nozzle is activated. If it fails, 20 seconds later the primary burner is shut down.
  • Cool-Down Circuit - If the afterburner fails for any reason, the water sprays are activated to cool the load to prevent smoke from going up the stack. Automatically shuts off when oven is cooled.