Industrial Process Ovens

Steelman manufactures Industrial Process Ovens for your specific application. Process ovens are used in a wide variety of industries including finishing and coatings, electric motor and coil winding, fibers, rubber and plastics and more.

Walk-in ovens and Truck Ovens can be loaded either by fork truck or manually. Available in standard and double-ended with gas or electric options.

Bench Ovens and Cabinet Ovens are available in electric models only with standard features that include purge timer, forced exhaust, air circulation and explosion relief.

Tunnel Oven options include overhead rail accommodations, high temps, vertical lift doors and a stand. Conveyor Ovens offer heat curtains, vestibule and an adjustable door panel.

Why A Steelman Process Oven?

  • Longevity-Steelman has been manufacturing Process Ovens since 1965. There are Steelman Ovens that have been operating successfully for more than thirty years. Our experience is second to none.

  • Service-Steelman believes that customer service is our foremost responsibility. Our customer always comes first. From helping you design the oven that's right for you, to providing parts and support 30 years down the road, Steelman works for you.

  • Quality-Steelman uses industrial quality components and construction features that are proven to last.

  • Custom Projects-Steelman is committed to building the oven that is right for you and your process. From building to a custom size to painting it a custom color, we want to give you the oven that you want.

  • Options-Steelman has many options that will fit your application and make your process a success.

  • Safety-Steelman is committed to keeping your employees and property safe. We provide safety manuals, complete operating manuals, live technical support 5 days a week, and many built-in safety features.