Burn Off Ovens - Rubber & Plastics

Posted on October 14th, 2016 by vapro

Plastics Processing

Burn Off Ovens - Rubber & Plastics Processing

Steelman’s patented technologies are a must for cleaning dies, molds, breaker plates, extruder screws, and other expensive production tooling. Top-Down Heating introduces heat above the products, unlike competitor ovens, which are bottom fired. In Bottom fired ovens, tooling is exposed directly to 1400° F plus temperatures and combustion gases.

Steelman’s patented radial Venturi Diffuser further protects valuable tooling by mixing oven atmospheric gases with combustion gases prior to part contact. Rate of Change technology eliminates unnecessary moisture being added to each cycle minimizing flash rust. Automatic process control eliminates operator input of time & temperature. The Steelman oven automatically adjusts to the mass of the tooling that is being cleaned.


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