Burn-Off & Heat Cleaning Ovens

Our experience has shown that different processes required by these industries is best served by tailoring the oven to the application.

Steelman manufactures Burn-Off Ovens, also known as Heat-Cleaning Ovens, with patented technologies such as top down heating, rate-of-change control and automatic process control. Burn-Off Ovens are safe, reliable and fast at cleaning with minimal operator attendance.

All Burn-Off Ovens include a patented venture diffuser technology, used to distribute heat in the oven and dramatically reduce the temperature of hot gas entering the oven, ensuring that valuable parts will not be overheated.

101010 BA-E

Why A Steelman Burn-Off Oven?

Burn-Off Ovens are used frequently in the coatings, fibers, electric motors and plastics industry. With advanced design, engineering, and market experience, Steelman can help you find the right Heat-Cleaning Oven to suit your needs.

Steelman Burn-Off Ovens also feature the following:

  • Latest Technologies - Steelman is constantly working to bring the best product available using the latest technologies.
  • Service - Steelman provides the best service available-From the initial contact through the set-up and operation of your oven, Steelman engineers and technicians are available to answer your questions. They can be reached, toll-free, at 1-800-BURN-OFF (1-800-287-6633)
  • Quality - Steelman uses only industrial quality components that are proven to last.
  • Programmable Logic Control - This PLC control system includes a single touch-screen interface that replaces the three separate Honeywell controllers and offers many advantages.
  • Flexible - Steelman heat-cleaning ovens are used in a variety of industries. From cleaning stators and windings to reclaiming coated parts to removing plastics from screws and even removing rubber, a Steelman oven can safely and economically clean your metal substrates.
  • Affordable - A Steelman heat-cleaning oven can process your parts with less manpower, no error, and less consumable product than most other processes and burn-off ovens.
  • Environmentally Safe - There are no chemicals to dispose of, and the high-fire, after burner, with a 1/2 second residence time, consumes smoke, toxic fumes and volatile residue.
Large Burn-Off Oven | 121621 BB-E | Steelman Industries

Custom Process Application

This is a model 121621 BB-E. It is 12' wide x 16' tall x 21' deep. It is one of the largest burn-off ovens ever built. Bradley's Inc. in Corpus Christi, TX uses it to repair electric motors.

Resources & Additional Information

When considering a Steelman oven solution, know that we have a wide array of technical resources and documents to support our products. If you’re not sure if one of our ovens will meet your requirements, consult the resources for Burn-Off Ovens below. For more specific questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact us and speak to an experienced member of our team.