Burn-Off Ovens for the Plastics / Fibers Industries

Plastics / Other Industry Burn-Off Ovens

Steelman Advanced Burn-off Ovens are used in the Plastics and Fiber Industries across the country. Used to clean molds, dies, screws, bowls, tooling, and safely remove thermoplastics, rubber, and polymers, our ovens can accommodate your needs. Steelman Advanced Burn-off Ovens can be equipped with Chart Recorders, Programmable Controllers, PLC or Computer Communication interfaces in order to measure and control precise temperature and time requirements determined by your specific product needs.

Our burn-off ovens are equipped with patented top down heating system allowing for uniform temperature within the oven, lower particulate emissions, and control of the hottest part of the oven. Our burn-off ovens are also fitted with a patented system called the Automatic Process System which eliminates operator error using an Automatic Cycle Time System and a Three-Level Safety System.

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