Walk-In & Truck-In Ovens - Industrial Process Ovens

Why a Steelman Walk-In / Truck-In Oven?

Steelman manufactures Industrial Process Ovens for your specific application. Process ovens are used in a wide variety of industries including finishing and coatings, electric motor and coil winding, fibers, rubber and plastics and more. We work with our customers to determine the best model for your specific range of applications and provide our customers with services including training and product support.

Standard Controls

  • Angle Iron Frame in all Models except 222
  • 3″ Insulated Sides, Top, & Rear (8#Ft3 Mineral Wool)
  • 14-16-gauge Cold Rolled Steel Exterior
  • 16-gauge Aluminized Steel Interior
  • 16-gauge Aluminized Steel Airflow Ducts
  • Explosion Relief Door Latches or Hatches
  • Lifting Eyes and Mounting Brackets Std.
  • Gray Enamel Exterior Finish on Zinc Rich Primer