Double-Ended Electric Ovens - Walk-In / Truck-In Ovens

Our Double Ended Electric Ovens are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes and feature double doors on either side of the oven’s enclosure. Unlike our Gas Ovens, these ovens are powered entirely by electricity and are independent of any natural gas power. Many customers prefer Double Ended Ovens because the double doors provide easy access to the front and back of the oven. These direct fire, recirculating convection models are built with cast-iron burners and UL listed control panels. Our walk-in and truck-in models allow treated materials to be rolled in on transport carts or brought in on vehicles. Just like all our ovens, these models are assembled in our factory and tested for quality and functionality at maximum capacity to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Double Ended Electric Ovens can be used for a variety of industrial applications including:

  • Paint Curing for water, solvent, or powder based paints. These ovens can also be used for the curing of other finishes including epoxy and varnishes.
  • Preheating of molds, dies or other tools.
  • Metal Finishing on machinery, tools, or other metal products.
  • Repair of machinery, engines, or industrial equipment.

Our ovens can be used for an unlimited number of applications which require operating temperatures up to 850° F.

Standard Controls

  • Back Up High Limit & Deviation Control
  • Air Pressure Proving Switches for Blower Failure
  • Forced Exhaust for Removal of Solvent Vapor
  • Standard Service 208,240, 460 & 480 Volt (3 Ph / 60Hz)
  • Main Line Circuit Breaker is Included
  • U.L. Listed Control Panel & Components
  • LED PID Temperature Control
  • 99 Hour Digital Timer with Interlock on Blowers
  • Air Circulation & Exhaust Purge Timer
  • Door Switch for Heat and Blower Cutoff

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