Burn-Off Ovens for the Electric Service Industry

Electric Service Industry Burn-Off Ovens

The Steelman Advanced Burn-Off Oven can be used during many treatment processes for the cleaning and manufacturing of electric motors and coils. Steelman Ovens are considered to be the leader in the Electric Motor & Coil Winding Industry and have continued to exceed expectations in terms of quality and durability. Our manufacturing facility has continued to develop best practices for nearly 40 years and has established unparalleled standards for both manufacturing and design as well as safety and usability.

Our burn-off ovens are equipped with patented top down heating system allowing for uniform temperature within the oven, lower particulate emissions, and control of the hottest part of the oven. Our burn-off ovens are also fitted with a patented system called the Automatic Process System which eliminates operator error using an Automatic Cycle Time System and a Three-Level Safety System.

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