How to Choose a Heat Cleaning Oven

Posted on October 14th, 2016 by vapro

“Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Heat-Cleaning Oven”


Top-Down Heating

If your company produces a product that is painted electrostatically or powder coated, rewinds electric motors, rebuilds automotive engines and parts, or produces plastic products, you may be faced with the task of selecting a heat-cleaning oven. Heat-cleaning ovens are a unique type of process equipment that present a variety of choices for the buyer. This booklet is designed to help you select the best oven for your application.

Heat-cleaning ovens, commonly known as burn-off ovens, are used to remove organic materials such as varnish, paint, oil and plastic from metal parts, allowing them to be reused. Heat-cleaning ovens have been used for years in the motor rewind industry and in all industries where products are painted electrostatically or powder coated. They are gaining acceptance in the automotive parts rebuilding industry and more recently in the plastics industry as the most economical method of cleaning metal parts. The emissions from heat-cleaning ovens are quite low and the small amount of ash generated can usually go in the trash. With heat-cleaning ovens environmental impact is minimized and operator safety is maximized.

Part 1: Applications

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