Burn Off Ovens - Electric Motor / Coil

Posted on October 14th, 2016 by vapro

Electric Motor Repair

Burn Off Ovens - Electric Motor &amp Coil Repair

Use Steelman burn-off ovens to safely decompose varnishes & epoxies from stators & rotors. Steelman uses patented processes that ensure that your parts are cleaned without being damaged. For example, to protect against core loss, Steelman offers the radial Venturi diffuser, part temperature control package, and uses the EASA Core Iron Study as a guide to setting up operating temperatures.

The Venturi Diffuser cools and distributes the heat in a manner that protects your customer’s valuable cores from over heating. Part Temperature Control is standard on all E model ovens and actually measures the temperature at the core iron. EASA recommends that stator temperatures do not exceed 800° in order to prevent damage to the core. A part temperature controller will assure that the stator will not be damaged by the varnish burning the core.


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