Industrial Process Ovens - Finishings & Coatings

Posted on October 14th, 2016 by vapro

Finishing/Coatings Market

Industrial Process Ovens - Finishings & Coatings

Steelman offers very economical and efficient curing ovens for wet, E-coat, or dry powder coatings. It is most important not to "burn" the finish or blow the powder off of parts.

We accomplish this by building your oven to meet a ± 10° F at 500° F operating temperature. The uniform heated convection air in your oven allows for superior temperature protection and curing of your parts. For powder coating ovens, we incorporate airflow systems to diffuse the velocity of the circulation air without blowing the powder off of your parts. We can also accommodate the many and varied oven configurations necessary in the diverse finishing and coatings industry.

Optional controls allow various temperature and time profiles needed to cure exotic finishes and substrates. Also, Steelman offers many material-handling accommodations to meet the varied needs of each customer.

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